Instant Proof of Car Insurance Coverage

Instant Proof of Coverage

With the proliferation of technology in our everyday lives it is easy to find instant proof of car insurance coverage.  It is vital for a car owner to carry verification of insurance as most state insurance offices require this to legally drive on the road.  What is the best way to capture instant proof of auto insurance?  We will review the best steps, using the internet, smartphone applications and the mail.

Use the Internet for Proof of Insurance

Nowadays almost all insurers will allow you to setup and access your accounts on the internet.  As you setup or renew a policy the details of your policy can be found by retrieving details from the internet.  As you sign onto your account you will also be able to obtain a copy that verifies you are insured.  Ask your current insurer about the process of setting up an account online.  With an online account it will be extremely easy to print out a copy of your insurance to carry in your vehicle.

Smartphone Applications

One of the fastest growing areas in car insurance features can be seen with smartphone applications.  Most all of the major insurers today have smartphone apps that have a wealth of information to access.  With the app, you can pay your bill, file a claim, get a quote or learn how to fix a flat tire.  The app will also allow you to show instant proof of car insurance.  A car owner should be careful as all states do not permit the use of smartphones to verify insurance.  It is a good idea to check in with your local insurance office to see if smartphones are allowed.  In future years it is very likely will see the continued acceptance of smartphone features.

Receiving Documents via Mail

A third way to get proof of insurance is from the mail.  This process is obviously not as instant and can take more time than the above mentioned choices.  If you are comfortable with the internet or smartphones are not allowed where you live then receiving proof of insurance from the mail is a possibility.  It is important to keep in mid the time may take a week or longer.  Try to carry some form of documentation, such as check stub or previous policy to show you are still insured.